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Are You Ready For Blockchain?

For example, the bitcoin network and Ethereum network are both based on On 8 May 2018 Facebook confirmed that it would open a new blockchain group which would be headed by David Marcus, who previously was in charge of Messenger. Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency platform, Libra , was formally announced on June 18, 2019. All […]

Making Sense Of Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology

A new Senate bill strives to keep the “spirit of blockchain” while combating crime, but critics call it ill-conceived, redundant and unworkable. Nearly $170 million left Ethereum-based investment funds in 2022, signaling a drop in institutional demand. The New York State moratorium on PoW mining reinvigorates the conversation around the crypto industry’s sustainability. The Ocean […]

Understanding Bitcoin And Crypto Market Cycles

However, the bull cycle is unlikely to repeat itself, according to Katie Talati, director of research at Arca. „There are a couple of reasons; the first is that the power of miners has diminished greatly since the last halving,“ Talati told CoinDesk in a Zoom call. „There is just so little bitcoin being released right […]